Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking It In, Part VI: Pin-Tuck It

The time has come to end this series... at least until I have more over-sized shirts to refashion and more ideas on different ways to do so. So without further adieu, I give you the grand finale - pin-tucks!

As I may have mentioned before, I loves me some orange. But not when it comes in the form of a big, shapeless shirt.

Pin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - Before
With the blouse right-side-out, I starting pinching and pinning little pin-tucks down the center back. I didn't want the fabric to bulge weirdly at the top of the back, so I decided to sort of stagger my tucks at the top for a more gradual transition. The outer two run the entire length, from the bottom hem almost all the way up to the shoulder seams. The next two in from those stop a little lower, maybe a couple inches from the shoulder/collar seam, and extend to the bottom hem. And the inner two tucks are even shorter, going from bottom hem to four or five inches below the collar. I did the same on either side of the button band in the front - three on each side, getting taller as they go out.

Pin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - In Progress

With the body fitting better, it was time to tackle the sleeves. I shortened them, like several of the other shirts I've redone recently, by cutting a chunk out and salvaging the cuffs. I added four pin-tucks to each sleeve, this time with the inner two being longer. Then I reattached the cuff.

Pin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - In ProgressPin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - After

After a quick ironing to get the pin-tucks laying the right ways, I was all set for autumn! Not only do the pin-tucks give it a bit of a tuxedo look, but vertical lines are slimming, no?

Pin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - AfterPin-Tucked Shirt Refashion - After

And that concludes my button-up alterations for now. Thanks for playing!

Pin-Tucked Top Before & After

Of course, there will be more crafty goodness just around the corner...


  1. Wonderful alteration, you are so talented! (And I like these glasses and your smile!)

  2. Very clever refashion!!! Looks fabulous!!!

  3. My favourite so far, well done!

  4. very cute! love the pin tucks and shortened sleeves... and the color! :) lisa