Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kickin' It Old School

This top was one of my faves when I was at my heaviest. Clearly, it no longer fits. That waistband is supposed to sit on my hips, but instead it now slides right off them.

Shirt-to-Mini-Dress Refashion - Before

And here is photographic evidence of the moment of inspiration. Utilizing the built-in bra thingie could make for a cute dress!

Shirt-to-Mini-Dress Refashion - Idea

The conversion was fairly simple. I cut off the built-in bra and sewed it back on with a straight seam (rather than following the curvature of the neckline as it was originally). I salvaged the straps and reattached them to the top (formerly bottom) of the white part. Finally, I took in the sides a bit.

Shirt-to-Mini-Dress Refashion - After

The dress is a bit short for my modesty level, so I threw on some tights, along with a silver belt, green flats, and a jean jacket (thrifted for $8 this weekend!).

Shirt-to-Mini-Dress Refashion - After

Only upon glancing in the mirror did I realize just how much the 80s resurgence had permeated my fashion sense. I suppose flashbacks to my childhood are acceptable so long as there are no instances of multiple simultaneous fluorescents or side ponytails.

Green Mini Dress Before & After

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