Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mix Tape

Mix Tape is live! Inspired by the fun, geometric patterns found in colorful rolls of washi tape, this cowl is ideal for featuring your favorite mini skeins, like these vibrant beauties from Moon Tower Dye Works.

The pattern has been written with beginner mosaic knitters in mind. You can choose any size from snug neck warmer to double-wrap-able loop and make your cowl as short or tall as you like! Mix and match different washi stripe designs from the 19 options provided.

Choose any combination of height and circumference!
Height: 7.5 (9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 19.5, 21) inches
Circumference: 24 (28, 31, 35, 38, 42, 45, 49, 52, 55, 59) inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
28 sts/32 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch in the round

Moon Tower Dye Works Triton Sock (75% merino, 25% nylon; 460yds/420m per 100g skein)
See photos for yardage requirements
Sample shown measures 28-inch in circumference and 16.5-inch in height (9 stripes) using 1 100g skein in Hush (MC) and 1 20g mini skein each in Painter’s Tape Blue (CC1), It’s Hot (CC2), & Green Eyed Monster (CC3)
US #2.5/3mm circular needle, 16 to 48 inches long (a little shorter than your desired circumference)
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker

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Saturday, November 09, 2019


I'm so pleased to finally be able to share my newest pattern with you! Meet Centrifugal!

This shawl is constructed in 6 nearly identical modular sections, forming an octagonal crescent. There are 5 sizes from shoulder warmer to generous wrap, each available in either a 3-color or 5-color version! Garter stitch paired with simple increases and decreases keeps it relaxing. A slip-stitch selvage edge makes picking up stitches easy, while an i-cord cast on, edgings, and bind offs smooth out the transitions between sections.

XS (S, M, L, XL)

Measurements are approximate due to bias nature of this fabric.
Height at center: 12 (16, 20, 24, 28) inches
Neck edge: 30 (40, 50, 60, 70) inches
Outer edge: 60 (80, 100, 120, 140) inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
20 sts/40 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch on smaller needles

US #4/3.5mm circular needle, 16 inches or longer
US #5/3.75m circular needle, 16 inches or longer
Tapestry needle
2 stitch markers
1 safety pin stitch marker

Fingering weight (yardage estimates do not include tassels, pom-poms, fringe, or other embellishments)
3-color version
A: 140 (240, 320, 470, 600) yds
B: 180 (320, 440, 630, 800) yds
C: 140 (240, 320, 470, 600) yds
5-color version
A, B, C, D, & E: 90 (160, 220, 320, 400) yds each

Shown in –
XS 5-color version: Long Dog Yarn Bounce Sock (75% merino, 25% nylon; 92yds/84m per 20g mini skein); Highlighter (A), Granny Smith (B), Evergreen (C), Something Borrowed (D), Twilight (E)
M 3-color version: Less Traveled Yarn 757 Sock (75% merino, 25% nylon; 463yds/423m per 100g skein); Vice (A), Electric Grape (B), Spellbound (C)
XL 5-color version: YOTH Little Brother (80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon; 435yds/398m per 100g skein); Spring Water (A), Blue Raspberry (B), Blueberry (C), Concord Grape (D), Cracked Pepper (E)

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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Be Kind Rewind

Presenting Be Kind Rewind - a striking shawl with vintage appeal!

This design perfectly pairs a full 100g skein of fingering weight yarn with five 20g mini skeins, for instance Ewe2Yarn's Mellow along with one of her Mellow SWIRL mini sets. You could also use two full skeins if you want all your stripes to be the same color. It's all garter stitch with some super simple short-rows thrown in to create those asymmetrical, bottom-heavy stripes.

Span: 80 inches
Height: 19 inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
21 sts/44 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch

Ewe2Yarn Mellow Fingering [100% merino; 437yds/400m per 100g skein]; 1 skein in a solid/tonal/speckled colorway (A)
Ewe2Yarn Mellow SWIRL [100% merino; 87yds/80m per 20g mini skein]; 1 mini skein set of 5 colors (B, C, D, E, F)
US #4/3.5mm circular needle, 24 inches
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Above The Fold

My latest knitting design, Above The Fold, is now live!

This shawl uses two matching gradients to create an optical illusion of one larger gradient that has been folded over in the middle. The pattern is written to make the most of any gradient yarn, regardless of its yardage. Choose two 50g gradients, typically intended for identical socks, or you can opt for two full 100g (or larger!) gradient cakes in the same colorway. You are also free to adjust the amount of the coordinating solid for even more flexibility in sizing. You can even work with a different weight of yarn if you like, but keep in mind this could impact the finished size of your shawl considerably.

Small [Medium, Large]
The listed sizes are merely examples. You could make your shawl any size you want by simply adjusting the amounts of each yarn you use.

Span: 64 [79, 90] inches
Height: 26 [31, 37] inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
19 sts/40 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch

Fingering weight yarn
Small: 100g solid/tonal/speckle (A) & two 50g gradients (B)
Medium: 100g solid/tonal/speckle (A) & two 100g gradients (B)
Large: 200g solid/tonal/speckle (A) & two 100g gradients (B)
Shown in Small size using:
Fierce Fibers True [80% merino, 20% nylon; 400yds/366m per 115g skein]; 1 skein in Soft Kitty (A)
Fierce Fibers True Sock Set [80% merino, 20% nylon; 365yds/334m per two 50g skeins]; 1 set in Rainbow (B)

US #4/3.5m circular needle, 32 inches
Spare needle in a smaller size (circular, DPN, or straight) for picking up stitches
Tapestry needle
2 stitch markers

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Stage Whisper

Introducing my latest design: the Stage Whisper shawl! This lacy little shawl was a collaboration with the lovely gents at Leading Men Fiber Arts using their Diva merino/silk blend.

Just as a stage whisper is intended to be heard, this light and airy shawl will speak volumes. Its curved bands of lace and garter stitch are a visual interpretation of sound waves carried out over an audience. This pattern features an unusual construction, large swaths of relaxing garter stitch, and an easily memorized lace pattern with both written and charted instructions provided.

Span: 63 inches
Height at point: 20 inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
22 sts/32 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch
24 sts/30 rows = 4 inches in lace (see chart in pattern)

Leading Men Fiber Arts Diva [80% merino, 20% silk; 600yds/549m per 150g skein]; color: Sangria; 1 skein (roughly 500yds/457m used)
US #3/3.25mm circular needle
1 stitch marker
Tapestry needle

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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Perforation & Misdirection

Say hello to two more new patterns premiering at DFW Fiber Fest this weekend - Perforation...

...and Misdirection!

I worked with Amanda of Lone Star Arts on both these designs, using her DFWFF show exclusive colorway along with a coordinating solid. A mixture of simple stitches and unusual construction gives the Perforation shawl the ideal balance of interest and mindlessness for that meditative knit you’ve been craving! The shawl is made with her Monarch Silver base, and while the photos hardly do it justice, the stellina sparkles in this sock weight yarn made this shawl such a fun knit!

The Misdirection cowl features her Armadillo base, which is a fantastic fingering weight yarn as well, if sparkles aren't your thing (though you could easily use either yarn with either pattern if you like). Two strands held together make this cowl super squishy and a cute quickie project to boot! The simple fade effect is achieved by swapping out one strand at a time for the second color.

If you happen to find yourself at DFW Fiber Fest this weekend, look for both samples in the Lone Star Arts booth. And keep your eyes peeled for me too. I'd love to meet you!

Span: 86 inches
Height at center: 22 inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
19 sts/44 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch

Lone Star Arts Monarch Silver [75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% Stellina; 438yds/401m per 100g skein]; 1 skein each in Reunion Tower (A, variegated) and Slate (B, solid)
US #3/3.25mm circular needle, 24 inches or longer
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker

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Circumference: 24 inches
Height at front: 19 inches
Height at back: 8 inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
18 sts/36 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch

Lone Star Arts Armadillo [75% merino, 25% nylon; 463yds/423m per 100g skein]; 1 skein each in Tin Star (A, solid) and Reunion Tower (B, variegated)
US #8/5mm circular needle, 24 inches
Tapestry needle
2 stitch markers

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019


Introducing my latest brioche design, debuting at DFW Fiber Fest this weekend: Circinae!

This top-down, center-out shawl features columns of brioche that fan outward like feathers on a bird’s wing. This pattern is written to make the most of a gradient yarn, regardless of its yardage. Simply keep going until you are about to run out of yarn and make your wing as big as you like!

This project was a collaboration with Heather of Panorama Fiber Arts. Her Shade Shifting Gradients are so subtly smooth you won't even notice they've changed color on you. Plus, she offers custom dyed-to-order gradients in any yardage from 400 to 2000! So you could make a dainty dove wing shawlette or a ginormous dragon wing wrap if that's your thing.

If you'll be partaking in the festivities at DFW Fiber Fest this weekend, stop by the Panorama booth to see this sample in person and shop the yarn! And if you see me, say hi!

Any size, roughly 5 times as wide as it is deep at the center
Sample depth: 17 inches
Sample span: 75 inches (90 inches along curved top edge)

GAUGE (after blocking)
16 sts/24 rows = 4 inches in bi-color brioche rib

Panorama Fiber Arts Shade Shifting Gradient Traveler Sock
Available in any yardage from 400 to 2000!
[75% merino, 15% nylon, 10% tencel; 450yds/411m per 100g skein]; 1 skein in Dragonfly (DC)
Panorama Fiber Arts Hitchhiker Sock
[75% merino, 25% nylon; 460yds/421m per 100g skein]; 1 skein in Mojito (LC)
US #3/3.25mm circular needle, 24 inches or longer
Tapestry needle
40+ stitch markers (optional)

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Breaking Plaid

I'm so happy to finally share with you my latest pattern - Breaking Plaid! This bandana-style cowl combines double knitting and double-stranded ("marled") garter stitch to create a reversible plaid/gingham fabric.

Not only does the pattern include detailed instructions - both written and charted - for this bandana cowl, but there are also notes on some fabulous modification opportunities (mod-portunities?) as well! I've laid out steps to turn it into a shawl, scarf, loop, washcloth, or blanket, but those are just a jumping off point. I wanna see how far you guys can take this!

One size, easily adjusted

Circumference: 25 inches
Height at front: 21 inches
Height at back: 6 inches

GAUGE (after blocking)
19 sts/32 rows = 4 inches in Circular Chart (included in pattern)
NOTE: Each pair of double-knitted stitches counts as a single stitch.

Fingering weight yarn, 300 yards each in 2 contrasting solids or semi-solids
(It may be best to avoid “sticky” yarns, like single-ply)
Red sample:
Yarn Carnival High Wire 3-Ply [100% merino; 490yds/448m per 100g skein]; Damnation! (A)
Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver [63% merino, 20% silk, 15% nylon, 2% metallic; 420yds/384m per 100g skein]; Tuxedo (B)
Yellow sample:
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight [100% merino; 405yds/370m per 146g skein]; 24 Karat (A) & Lauma (B)

US #6/4mm circular needle, 24 inches
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker
Removeable stitch marker (optional)

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