Saturday, September 28, 2013

Refashion Runway 2, Week 2: Emerald

For the second week of Refashion Runway, our challenge was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013: Emerald Green! I love this color, trendy or not, so I was totally amped about this project. After you're done here, don't forgot to head over to the Renegade Seamstress' blog to check out the other contestant's green outfits and pick your favorite!

Fair warning, this was probably my most involved refashion to date, so I apologize in advance for the extremely picture-heavy post and the at-time vague descriptions. So much of what I did was trial and error, so it's a bit hard to explain. And if you don't care about the details, feel free to scroll to the bottom for the happy ending! (uh, maybe I should rethink that phrasing...)

At $12.49, this skirt cost more than I would normally pay at a thrift store. But I loved the colors, the paisley brocade pattern, the fact that it was brand new with the tags still on it! I have a wedding to go to next weekend, and this skirt was the perfect jumping-off point for a cute semi-formal ensemble.

Emerald DressEmerald Dress

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bonus Plaid

The first challenge of Refashion Runway was so much fun, and I was so inspired by all the plaid outfits! (Voting is open until Friday, September 27 - don't miss your chance!) In fact, now that I'm conscious of this trend, I've been noticing more and more people wearing plaid in my day-to-day. So I decided to do another quick plaid remake from another one of my husband's never-worn shirts. When I first pulled this guy out, I hated it. It was the ugliest plaid I'd ever seen. Then, when I opened up my sewing closet a couple days later and saw it hanging there, it had magically grown on me. I'm not sure how this happened, but seemingly out of nowhere, I really liked it! Weird, huh?

Plaid Shirt RefitPlaid Shirt Refit

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Refashion Runway 2, Week 1: Plaid

For those of you just joining our program, I'm a competitor on Season 2 of Refashion Runway, a friendly sewing competition hosted by the Renegade Seamstress. After you check out my project below, visit her blog to see the other contestants' entries and vote for your favorite!

I must admit, I struggled with this one. When you've been heavy for most of your adult life, it's hard to shake the anti-plaid attitude. But it looks so cute in all the magazines and on the runways recently, so let's give it a whirl!

I scoured the thrift store last weekend for something - anything - that would inspire me. I mean, this is the first challenge. I'd really like to not suck on the first challenge. It only took a few hours of brainstorming for it to occur me to check my husband's closet for plaid shirts he never wears anymore. And that's where I scored this puppy.

Refashion Runway Week 1:PlaidRefashion Runway Week 1:Plaid

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scout's Honor Skirt

I had this pair of brown pants, you see, and like most pants, they were a tad too short for my long legs. I could have sworn I had a before picture of the pants in question. However, it seems to have eluded me now. Let's just pretend they were these pants.

Bad to the Bone Tee & Trouser Shorts - Before

Only a little shorter. And not quite so wide-legged. But other than that, they were exactly the same pants.

Given that I turned the above-pictured pants into shorts, I had to do something else with these. I mean, brown shorts are rather versatile, but I don't want people thinking I only have one pair of shorts and just recycle them everyday. Gross.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My Fixed Refashion Fail topped the charts on Heather's linky party this past week!

Pop on over to check out the other bloggers' fabulous sewing projects!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Adult Pillowcase Top

I've seen tons of patterns for little girls dresses made from pillowcases, but hey, I want something cute for me! I picked up this wild pink and purple pillowcase from Goodwill a while back for 50 cents, a dollar, something like that. It was a super fun print, and I just knew it would make a cute top.

Adult Pillowcase Top

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh. Em. Gee.

I am so flippin' excited right now. Why, you ask? Because I got an email this morning from the lovely Beth, aka the Renegade Seamstress, with news that I was selected to be one of the contestants in her Refashion Runway Season Two. Click the pic below to visit her blog for all the details. Then tune in every Saturday for a new refashion and vote for your favorite. Don't worry, I won't be too offended if you don't pick mine.

The weekly challenges:

Week One: Plaid
Week Two: Pantone 2013 Color Emerald Green
Week Three: Peplum
Week Four: Leather
Week Five: Halloween
Week Six: Winter White

I spent hours (no, seriously) at the thrift store this afternoon looking for materials and inspiration. And I've gotta say, I think I picked some good ones. You'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Featured Again!

My Topsy Turvy refashion made it to #1 on Heather's linky party this past week!

Fit to Sit

The keenly observant among you may have noticed a new button in the side bar. That's right! I'm making it even easier for you to keep up with my latest projects by including a handy little Bloglovin' link. Just click on that lovely lady to your left, and you'll be swept away to a magical place where all your favorite blogs live! Or just click here: Follow my blog with Bloglovin'

A few weeks ago, when I posted pics of our dining room makeover, I promised to supply further details on those reupholstered chairs.

As I said then, this set (including a table we did not keep) was purchased on Craigslist from a local woman (actually her son) who was downsizing after moving from her longtime home to a retirement facility.

Reupholstered Dining ChairsReupholstered Dining Chairs

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Refashion Fail Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, I showed you that things don't always go smoothly when it comes to refashioning. I attempted to turn an over-sized men's dress shirt into a cute feminine top with the original buttons down the back. Remember that?

To recap, it began with this free shirt, complete with holes and bleach stains.

Plaid Top Refashion

I used the Sorbetto pattern (purely as inspiration though, so it cannot be blamed in any way for my failure). The end result would have been totally fine if only the pleat would have behaved itself.

Plaid Top RefashionPlaid Top RefashionPlaid Top Refashion

But I loved the buttons down the back! I just had to save this project somehow.

Plaid Top Refashion

So I called on all of you, dear readers, for help, and boy, did you pull through for me! I thought about just tacking down the inside of the pleat to be done with it. But you all had so many wonderful suggestions, I knew I had to go a step further and make this a top I would truly love. Theresa had a great idea - pintucks! With the fabric's lack of drape, more structure was really what it needed.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Blue Button-Down Blouse

Here's another men's shirt I got from Freecycle. This one comes with a sad little stain on the upper right side of the chest.

Blue Button-Down Blouse

Blue Button-Down Blouse

But the fabric was a nice breathable cotton, perfect for Texas. This men's wardrobe staple is destined to become a woman's wardrobe staple - with just a few tweaks!


Check it out! My Yellow Rose of Texas refashion made #2 on Heather's link-up last week.

Feather's Flights

And be sure to check back here later today for a new refashion!