Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Thrift Score: Sweater Weather

I love that it's finally sweater season! Unfortunately, I recently cleaned out a bunch of winter wear I haven't worn in a while, so it's time to restock! That's one of the best things about a thrifted wardrobe - if you're sick of last year's garments, you don't have to feel guilty about replacing them.

I stopped by my local Goodwill store a couple weeks ago and picked up a few necessities.

1. Grey Merona (Target) cardigan for $4
2. Turquoise J Crew pullover for $6
3. Grey American Eagle pullover for $6

Grey Meron CardiganTurquoise J Crew SweaterGrey AE Sweater

And yesterday I visited Thrift City for a few more solids...

4. Beige Gap pullover with button detail for $4
5. Charcoal slouchy Gap sweater for $4
6. Purple 100% cashmere deep-v dolman pullover for $4

Beige Gap SweaterGrey Gap SweaterPurple Cashmere Sweater

...and some stripes too!

7. Pink and grey Aeropostale sweater for $6
8. Navy and green slouchy Gap sweater for $6 (This one still had the original $45 tags on it, and it's exactly the same sweater as the charcoal one above but with stripes)
9. Coral and peach Gap cashmere blend pullover for $3

Striped Aeropostale SweaterStriped Gap SweaterStriped Gap Cashmere Sweater

As you can probably tell, I'm quite fond of v-neck and wide-neck pullovers. They're great for layering with tank tops or camisoles. Now into the wash they go so I can start wearing them!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Elementary, My Dear Readers

While I had capes on the brain this past weekend, I also came across this cute little skirt in my refash stash.  If it had been a hair larger, and if I were **coughcough** years younger, I may have worn it as is. But alas, it did not fit my size or my age.

Sherlock CapeletSherlock Capelet