Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking It In, Part V: Cinch It

This has always been one of my favorite tops. The color is positively lovely. The sleeves are plenty long for my ridiculous monkey arms. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit any more.

Elastic-Back Shirt Refashion - Before
So I took in a bit along each side and sleeve, maintaining the original cuff size.

Elastic-Back Shirt Refashion - In Progress

But it was still a bit too large in the waist to be flattering. I grabbed a bit of wide elastic leftover from a vest-to-skirt project, and a strip of light blue fabric from part II of this series, and I created an elastic casing across the back of the shirt from dart to dart.

Elastic-Back Shirt Refashion - In Progress

And now my favorite button-up shirt can retain its title.

Elastic-Back Shirt Refashion - AfterElastic-Back Shirt Refashion - After

I've got one more trick up my sleeve (pun very much intended) for taking in a button-up blouse. So stop back by soon to see the finale!

Cinched Top Before & After


  1. This is my favourite so far, so neatly done.
    Did you attach the elastic to the shirt or make the casing then thread/attach the elastic through casing

  2. Thanks! I made the casing first - sewed the light blue strip to the inside of the shirt with two horizontal lines. Then I threaded the elastic through and closed up one end of the casing by sewing a vertical line through the light blue fabric, the end of the elastic, and the inside of the dart. Then I stretched the elastic a bit and closed up the other end of the casing the same way. So the only stitching you can see from the outside of the shirt are the two horizontal lines of the casing.

  3. i was wondering the same thing as emma, but figured it was as you described. love this idea! i agree, this is also my favorite of the series! i think i'll have to give it a go as well! :) lisa

  4. This entire series was so awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Omg! That actually looks great! Better than store bought!!