Friday, March 09, 2007

Ultra Mega Chunky Bag

This handbag is a great way to get rid of that cheap, scratchy acrylic that has been languishing in your stash since you bought it as a beginner or maybe just use up leftovers from bygone projects. Holding four strands of yarn together as one, it works up very quickly. Make it in an afternoon, and go out on the town tonight. You could even experiment with using two or more different colors at once, or perhaps throw in some novelty yarn with a little frizz. Endless possibilities!

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Red Heart Super Saver (100% acrylic, 7oz/198g, 364yds/333m) one skein in Cherry Red, or stash yarn
US15 (10mm) needles
Tapestry needle
Two Plastic handles
Scrap fabric, if lining is desired

9sts by 12rows = 4in (10cm) in stst

Finished Size:
10in (25cm) long by 3in (7.5cm) wide by 6in (15cm) tall

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Note: Bag is knitted with 4 strands of yarn held tog.

With 4 strands of yarn held tog, CO 22 sts.
Row 1: purl.
Row 2: knit.
Rep last two rows 3 more times and row 1 once more. BO all sts knitwise, but do not cut yarn.
Keep last loop of bound off sts on needle and pick up 6 more sts from WS of fabric along skinny edge of base. Work in stst for 18 rows, ending with a RS row. Knit two more rows. BO knitwise and tie off. With 4 new strands held tog, pick up 7 sts along other skinny edge and rep for second side.
Front & Back:
With 4 new strands held tog, pick up 21 sts along wide edge of base. Work same as sides. Rep for back.
Sew up corner seams with tapestry needle and two strands held tog. Attach handles by whip-stitching them onto top edge of front and back. If desired, cut lining fabric to same measurements and sew together. Hand sew into knitted purse, hiding yarn ends inside. If lining is not desired, weave in ends.

Feel free to comment here with questions.

This pattern is intended for personal use only. Please do not try to sell it or any product made from it. Thank you.