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Spitfire Shawl Winter’s Eave Deflection Shawl Geode Shawl Tyrannosaurus Shawl Ankylosaurus Shawl Dimetrodon Shawl Apatosaurus Shawl Stegosaurus Shawl Pterodactyl Shawl Triceratops Shawl Dilophosaurus Shawl DINO knits Lotus Blossom Shawl Twinkle Twinkle Little Shawl Exsanguine Shawl Bisection Shawl Damhsa Socks Hirsute Hat A Little Summer Somethin' Concentric Socks ElectroSock Therapy Souvenir Socks Vice Versa Socks Divergent Socks Boxcars Socks Riptide Socks Raudona Socks Felted Satchel


Wonder Woman Wrap (crochet) Wonder Woman Wrap (knit) Death Star Simple Holiday Stockings Skullcrusher Vino Nori Half-Pony-Half-Monkey Monster Lego Man Mitts Earthbound Pacman Rudolph Hat Camisa Azul del Sol HeelHead Hooded Scarf Starbucks Coffee Cozies Chromosome Cap Snowflake Hat Pink Ribbon Hat POISON! Coffee Cozy Preemie Hats Dragon Scales Shawl Feather & Fan Set Argyle Cap Chunky Cabled Hat Mini Holiday Stockings R2D2 Beanie Basketweave Headbands Drawstring Pouches Cabled Fingerless Mitts Mitered Squares Scarf


  1. How do I sign up to get the new posts?

  2. On your main blogger homepage, near the bottom, you should your Reading List of the blogs you follow. Just click "Add" and a box will come up. Type in "" to add me to your reading list. Thanks!

    1. Carissa, I'm looking for that Lung Pattern. Do you have any idea where I might find it. I'd like to make it for my Pulmonary Dr at Mayo Clinic. Thanks Judi Svendsen

  3. The Nori shawl is beautiful...I love shawl and knit a lot of them. Always looking for a new pattern :)

    1. Glad you like it! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  4. Carissa, I am working in your beautiful Earthbound socks (Knitty Fall 2012), and I am totally confused by the start of the gusset. The stitches don't seem to line up with the foot chart. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    1. Each round of the gusset has 0, 1, or 2 extra purl stitches (depending on which size you're making) on either side of the foot that aren't included in the Gusset Chart. Could you possibly have missed that bit?

      From the pattern website:
      Gusset round: P0[1, 2], work Gusset chart to 0[1, 2] sts before center of round, p0[1, 2]; k to end of round."

  5. Carissa, I have made your reindeer hat many times and it is always well received. I have had two requests to make them for adults (large adults with big heads). Can you offer me any guidance? I would really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern!

  6. Carissa I’m knitting your Heelhead scarf. I love the product but, I’m having difficulty with the increasing short rows! I especially find myself unsure at the first row in the instructions; Row 1: yo, k25, am, k2tog, turn. Row 2: yo-b, p26, ssp, turn.(the am is confusing). Then the k2tog & turn, to finish the first row. Do I k2tog with the previous stitches or of the 2 stitches beyond the current knitting, ex. Last knit stitch or the with one of the yo
    Increasing Short-Rows:
    Row 1: yo, k25, am, k2tog, turn.
    Row 2: yo-b, p26, ssp, turn.
    Row 3: yo, k27, am2, k3tog, turn.
    Row 4: yo-b, p28, sssp, turn.
    Row 5: yo, k29, am2, k3tog, turn.
    Row 6: yo-b, p30, sssp, turn.
    Row 7: yo, k31, am2, k3tog, turn.
    Row 8: yo-b, p32, sssp, turn.
    Continue in this manner, working one
    more st each row, until...
    Row 21: yo, k45, am2, k3tog, turn.
    Row 22: yo-b, p46, sssp, turn.
    Row 23: yo, k47, am, p2tog, (remove
    marker & replace before p2tog), p4, k4, p4. k1.
    Row 24: sl1, p to 1 st before second marker, ssp (remove marker & replace before ssp), p to last st, k1.
    You should now have only 75 sts again.
    This is the section I’m stuck on.Help!

  7. I purchased your pattern for the Blue Bonnet Fields Forever shawl as a wedding "something blue" for my future daughter in law. I am having trouble following which sections to start. I was wondering if I have all the pages, I have 55 pages. Unfortunately I have never knitted using charts. Do I start with the center Blue Bonnet, as in the "set up"? After the set up, where do I continue-with the large blue bonnets or the small? Do I knot this in three sections? Any and all help is appreciated. Also going to my local yarn shop for assistance. I've done alot of lace shawls but I'm lost with this one!

  8. We are Knitterbox Free Crochet Patterns, an online community that provides resources for knitters and crocheters. We would like to promote our Free Patterns page, and on that page you'll see a list of available categories for both knitting & crochet patterns.

  9. Hi Carissa, I just downloaded the premie hats but would like to do them with straight needles. How would this work?

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