Monday, October 08, 2012

Taking It In, Part III: Pleat It

Today's alteration comes in the form of pleats. Once again, I'm starting with a button-up blouse that's too large for me now.

Pleated Blouse Refashion - Before
With the shirt right-side-out and laying flat on my ironing board, I pinched the fabric along a line about half an inch to an inch away from one of the darts. Then I folded the fabric over so that pinched line was now even with the dart. I pinned it in place and ran a line of top-stitching all the way down on top of the fold. I repeated this process on the other side of the dart. Then I repeated the process on either side of the other three darts (two in front, two in back).

Pleated Blouse Refashion - Close-Up

With the body finished, I moved on the the sleeves. I cut off the cuff and then removed a chunk of sleeve to shorten them a bit. I did another little pleat on the outside of each sleeve (though I apparently forgot to take a picture of this). I top-stitched this little pleat as I did on the body of the shirt, then reattached my cut-off cuff to my newly-abbreviated sleeve.

Pleated Blouse Refashion - Sleeve

My new top has a bit of a corset-y vibe, the way it's super fitted at the waist and abruptly flares out at the bust and hips. I think it's kind of interesting.

Pleated Blouse Refashion - After

That's all for today! I wonder what I'll come up with next...

Pleated Top Before & After


  1. you do fantastic alterations and have a great figure to show them off. Please don't be offended if I suggest you consider contacts or different glasses.

  2. Thanks! No, I'm not offended. I have about ten different pairs of glasses that I rotate to match my outfits from day to day. Some I like more than others, obviously.

    I'm not thrilled with the idea of contacts though. For one, I don't really like how my face looks without glasses. Or at least, I didn't; maybe I should reevaluate since losing weight. Also, the thought of sticking something in my eye everyday kinda weirds me out, but maybe I'd get used to it. Anyway, it's something to consider. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. i love your glasses!

  4. Hello!
    Just found your blog from Refashion Co-op, your different ways of taking shirts are terrific! And congrats on the weight loss too!

  5. love your idea. i want to put some darts in a dress that I am going to turn into a top. it doesn't have any darts across the bust. your top already had darts right? how does one go about it when there are no darts?????if you have time plz help me! Cheers!

    1. It did have darts already, yes, but they aren't really necessary for this project. I would just mark a line straight down from each nipple. Then fold the fabric to either side of each line inward to meet at the line and sew them in place. Hope that helps!