Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre-Winter Warmth

We're gearing up for winter here in North Texas (or what passes for winter here). We had a lovely cold snap overnight and a predicted high of 59F/15C today. So let's talk knitting!

I recently finished a pair of socks for a friend. She's actually a knitter as well, but not the sock-obsessed kind like some people, i.e., me. There have been a couple instances now, where she has some lovely sock yarn but no desire to knit it up into socks. I don't get it. But then she gives it to me, I make her a pair of socks, and I get to keep the leftovers. So I can't complain. This time, the yarn was Jojoland Melody in a lovely green and purple colorway (color #MS08 if you care to know). I chose a pattern I've made before and absolutely loved - Cookie A's Pomatomas.

Jackie's PomatomiJackie's Pomatomi

They're interesting enough to hold my attention, but simple enough to knit while chatting. I altered the pattern to work them toe-up, my preferred method, and used a short-row heel instead of a flap and gusset. I think they turned out just lovely. I hope my friend agrees when I give them to her tonight.

Jackie's PomatomiJackie's Pomatomi

Back at the beginning of my weight loss, I put a moratorium on hand-knit sweaters for a while. There was no point investing so much time in something that might not fit when it was finally finished. Now that I am nearing my goal weight, I've allowed myself to cast on a new pullover. I've started work on Norah Gaughan's Beatnik, using Patons Classic Merino Wool in That's Pink (color #77732).

Beatnik, in Progress

So far, I'm about half-way up the front; I've finished the waist decreases and am now a few rows into the waist increases. I'm loving the cables so far, but that's really no surprise. I've always adored cables. I would marry cables if it were legal in the state of Texas. Are they not gorgeous?

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