Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Today I wore a skirt I made years ago, but recently remade. It all began with a bright red tablecloth from a thrift store. It was a plain rectangle with some textured stripes along the length of it. I cut it into three strips lengthwise. I don't remember exactly, but I must've done some piecing together to make the strips increasing lengths, so my tiered skirt would flare toward the bottom. Something along these lines, I imagine.

The shortest piece should be a little longer than your hip circumference. I folded over and sewed a drawstring pocket along the top edge. Then I gathered the second piece and attached it to the first, and gathered and attached the third to the second. Finally, I sewed up the side seam and inserted my drawstring. And this is how it ended up. I liked it all right, though in retrospect it is kind of an awkward length. And I wasn't terribly fond of the drawstring.

So I pulled it back out a few weeks ago and decided to go shorter and fuller. All I did was chop off the bottom tier and sew it back on a couple inches below the waistband. And I removed the drawstring and inserted a piece of elastic instead.

And how about a close-up of that texturing? The new second layer helps maintain modesty too, given that those wider textured stripes are a looser weave than the rest.

I like it much better now. It's fun and flowy, and the elastic is much more comfortable too. It makes me want to twirl!

Tablecloth Skirt

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