Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Refash Gives You Wings!

It all started when a friend pinned this image on Pinterest and challenged me to recreate it.

And I just happened to have a grey and white striped blouse in my closet that would work perfectly.

Winged Blouse Refashion - Before

I followed the Pinterest link but was unable to find the original site or how the garment was created. So I had to figure it out myself. First, I cut a strip up the center of the back, curving outward over the shoulders, and then back under the arms in the front.

Winged Blouse Refashion - In ProgressWinged Blouse Refashion - In Progress

I hemmed up the raw edges and sewed the back panels back together, taking in a little bit of fabric in the back at the same time. Once I tried it on, I realized that wasn't enough, so I also had to take in the sides about an inch or so, as well as adding bust darts to keep the armholes from gaping.

I cut a tapered piece of fabric out of each sleeve (both sleeves are sandwiched together in this photo) to become the back ruffles. It's the middle piece you want; the left and right pieces just went into my scrap pile.

Winged Blouse Refashion - In Progress

Each tapered piece got hemmed on the ends and then folded in half lengthwise. I gathered them a bit along the straight edge, pinned them in place, and sewed them to the racer-back portion of the shirt. They were sticking out a bit more than I liked, so I went back and tacked them down in a few places with a couple hand-stitches.

Winged Blouse Refashion - AfterWinged Blouse Refashion - After

Sure, I'm no model, nor is a camera phone exactly the epitome of high-end photography. But I think my copy-cat version turned out pretty nicely!

Winged Blouse Before & After


  1. Pretty damn good, girl!

  2. UAU! That´s awesome woman!!! kisses from Portugal!

  3. I have been searching for a tutorial for the exact same inspiration Pin! I'm going to give it a whirl this week and hope for the best...thanks for posting this!

  4. Nice work! I love it :-)

  5. How did you finish the cut edges around the arms? Bias tape? Turn under?

    1. It's been a while, but I believe I just did a simple turn-under hem on the edges.