Thursday, August 16, 2012

Taking It In... A Lot

I grabbed this skirt at the thrift store last weekend for $3. I love the floral print; it looks like larkspurs to me, but I'm not entirely sure.

Oversized Skirt Refashion - Close-Up

Unfortunately, it was a size 20, and I am currently a size 10.

Oversized Skirt Refashion - Before

It had these nice box pleats, three pleats, so four panels, each on the front and back. I pulled the floral fabric inside out, leaving the plain white lining right side out. So it basically looked like an hourglass shape, half floral and half white. Then I essentially just sewed up a new side seam, opposite the zipper, right at the edge of one of the pleats (I had to pick out the front and back pleats where my new seam would be to reduce the bulk though). So what was left was three-quarters the width of the original, with three panels and two pleats each on the front and back.

Oversized Skirt Refashion - After

There was enough fabric left over, I'd like to make something to match it - maybe a little bolero-type jacket. In my mind, it would have a really cute June Cleaver vibe. I'm not sure there's enough fabric for that though. Oh well, I'll stick in my fabric stash for now and see if a brilliant idea strikes.

Pleated Skirt Before & After

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