Monday, August 20, 2012

Button-Down Tee

I've had this top for years now. It sits in the back of my closet and rarely gets worn. Yet, somehow, its cute pink and purple stripes have saved it from the donate pile time and time again. Well, it's time to turn this into something I might wear more often.

Button-Down Tee Refashion - Before

I began by taking in a couple inches on either side and about an inch in each sleeve. Then I chopped off about half the length from the sleeves, folded up new cuffs, and stitched them down.

Button-Down Tee Refashion - After

Finally, I cut off the collar and surrounding fabric, and hemmed up my new neckline. That's it! Just a couple changes, and I've got a top that might actually see the light of day again.

Button-Down Tee Refashion - After

Button Down Tee Before & After


  1. That's much nice! Do you wear it more often?

  2. Thank you! Yes, I do wear it often, or at least as often as anything else. I guess nothing really gets worn a lot when you have as many clothes as I do.