Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mix 'n Match

So, I had these two tops. One is a light-weight woven cotton with pink/rust/orange/beige/cream stripes; the other is a basic rusty orange pocket tee. The striped top is a XXL and has a small hole in the front. The orange tee is an XL and has a large stain of mysterious origin on the back.

Mix and Match Refashion - Before

I cut the sleeves off both tops and cut down the sides, in a bit from the original seams since both were too large. I also cut just below the collar on the striped shirt. Then I sewed the orange front and striped back together at the shoulders and sides. I folded over and sewed a hem at the back of the new collar (the tee's collar I left intact). The extra length on the orange tee was cut off and the edge left raw.

Mix and Match Refashion - Front, AfterMix and Match Refashion - Back, After

Finally I cut two long 1-inch strips from the front the striped shirt and used them as binding around the armholes.

Mix and Match Refashion - Sleeve, After

My husband thinks it looks weird, but I like it.

Mix and Match Top Before & After

In other news, check out my other weekend thrift store find: a black strapless dress with a little black and white polka dotted ribbon around the waist. It still had the original $65 price tag on it, and I only paid $6. And as a bonus, no alterations necessary. Sure, it's a little prom-ish, but I still like it.

Thrift Store Score!

I decided to go with an entirely black and white ensemble - pinned on my white zipper brooch (created here), wore my black wooden bangle and matching earrings, carried my white bag, and slipped into my black kitten heels.

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