Saturday, August 04, 2012

Polo Dress

I had an old polo shirt lying around, a men's 4XL. So I decided to turn it into something cute! I cut and sewed an A-line shape from the body of the shirt.

The top of the back, I cut straight across just below the collar, but I still had collar flaps on the front. I wanted to keep the nice edge from the original shirt, so I just folded under the collar, sewed it down on top of the original stitching, and trimmed off the excess. Finally, I cut four long skinny triangles out of the leftover fabric and sandwiched a pair of triangles together for each strap.

This dress was really easy to make, and it's super comfy!

Polo Dress

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  1. I really enjoy your blog! I love seeing your sewing projects, the results are amazing! My sewing machine and I fight all of the time. I wish we would get along better! Lol!