Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let that be a lesson to you

I had these slacks that I had only worn a few times (though I did get them second-hand originally, so they certainly weren't brand new, but still in good condition). Now, clearly, they don't fit anymore.

Slacks Refashion - Before

But I love the pale grey color, and the length is great. I'm all leg and very little torso, so finding pants long enough has always been an issue, especially slacks long enough to wear with heels. And with cooler weather coming, it'd be nice to have some long pants to intersperse with dresses and skirts. So I got to altering. I took in a couple inches on each side, as well as a couple inches all along the inseam. Everything was progressing swimmingly. I tried them on, and they fit like a glove! Perfect. I started to trim away the excess fabric (I try not to cut anything off my alterations until I'm sure they'll fit). Those readers with a weak stomach may want to skip this next part. As I made my way down the leg, snipping away with my sharp scissors reserved for fabric only, I realized only too late there was a fold in the pant leg. As I made my next snip, I felt the increased resistance of additional layers of fabric, but there was no going back now. I had made a rookie mistake.

Slacks Refashion - Oops!

I cursed my carelessness. I went so far as to put them back on and go show my husband what I had done, knowing full well "you should be more careful next time" would inevitably cross his lips. After I recovered from the utter disappointment in myself, I took a step back and reassessed the situation. This little nick was in the lower leg. I couldn't very well put a patch on dress pants, nor could I take them in any more than I already had. The best solution I saw was to sacrifice the length and make them capris. Not ideal, but at least not a complete wash.

Slacks Refashion - AfterSlacks Refashion - After

They're great, really. They fit nicely. I can still wear them to the office. But I can't help but think how much better they would be as full-length pants. I am posting this not merely for self-flagellation, but because I want you all to learn from my mistake. Be sure there are no stray folds in your fabric before you starting chopping away.

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