Friday, September 28, 2012

Hawaii: Part VI

The little fishies on this dress drew my eye at the thrift store last weekend, and I thought to myself, "This will complete my Hawaii wardrobe quite nicely!". I'm also in love with the teal color too. The only drawback was that only 5 of the original 10 buttons remained attached. No problem! I've got just the thing!

Fishy Dress-to-Skirt Refashion - Before
Yes, I am wearing a tank and shorts underneath for this photo.

The first order of business? Chop off the top, straight from underarm to underarm and just below the top button (hey, that's one button I can reuse later on!). Then I hemmed the top edge and recycled the straps as four new belt loops.

Fishy Dress-to-Skirt Refashion - In Progress

Now how about the button dilemma? I rummaged through my button stash, which is quite extensive having inherited my Granma's buttons in addition to those I had already amassed by myself. I came up with four more buttons (on the left) that were similar enough to the original five (right). I doubt anyone will even notice, especially if I alternate them with the originals.

Fishy Dress-to-Skirt Refashion - Buttons

I stitched them to my new skirt and slapped on a wide white belt, and I'm ready for the beach!

Fishy Dress-to-Skirt Refashion - After
I love skirt fishes 'cause they're so delicious!

Fishy Skirt Before & After

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