Monday, September 10, 2012

Black & White & Beige All Over

I went to the thrift store last weekend on a mission. My husband's and my tenth wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and seeing as how we got married quite young and had no money for a honeymoon, we're planning a trip for the big 1-0 to make up for it. So the purpose of my thrifting excursion was to buy a week's worth of garments to be refashioned into a vacation wardrobe. Can you guess where we're going?

Thrifted Florals for Refashioning

Stop back by soon to see these pieces transformed!

And while I was out a'thriftin', I also picked up this little skirt for $2, no alterations needed. Well, I did notice after I put it on to wear it to work the other day that there is a little spot where the waistband is coming undone. But it's under the belt, so no biggie. I'll mend it up before I wear it again. I just loved the non-traditional-floral colors used in this floral pattern - black, white, and beige. Also, pockets! Gotta love skirts and dresses with pockets!

Black & White & Beige All Over

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