Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hawaii: Part III

The colors in this floral print drew my eye at the thrift store. They're sort of non-traditional colors for a floral print - indigo, pumpkin, and olive green leaves. And technically, this skirt fit in its original form. But it's wasn't going to stay like that for long.

Black Floral Skirt-to-Dress - Before

I pulled the waistband up under my arms and added lots of darts for shaping. I put in two long darts down the front and two down the back. I used strips of fabric cut from the inside of these darts to create the shoulder straps. The back half of the waistband was elasticated and the fabric was gathered just below the waistband, so I also put in half a dozen little 6-inch-long darts to pull in all that extra fabric.

Orange lines indicate darts

Finally, I added a hook-n-eye clasp at the top of the skirt's side zipper, now located in my left underarm, because without it the zipper wouldn't stay up.

Black Floral Skirt-to-Dress - After

Perfect for an autumn island vacation!

Black Floral Dress Before & After

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  1. I am amazed at all your incredible alterations! Creative and inspiring. You look lovely in this dress!