Monday, September 24, 2012

Hawaii: Part IV

We start off today with a brightly-colored floral skirt made of that really thin, airy material. You know the ones. This particular skirt had no more spring in its waistband, though to be fair, it did still have a drawstring.

Fluttery Floral Skirt-to-Dress Refashion - Before

I pulled it up a bit, just under my boobs, leaving the drawstring intact to be able to cinch in the waist of my new dress. Then I chopped off about 6 inches from the bottom, and rehemmed the edge. I used part of that chopped off bit, doubled it up to reduce its transparency, and created a tube to be attached to the waistband for the bust portion of my new dress. Since the skirt was pretty full, I had some fabric left over. So I sewed it into two long tubes for the straps, about 3" wide (6" doubled) by about 15" long. I attached them to the front of the dress, gave them each a few twists, and then stitched them to the back of the dress.

Fluttery Floral Skirt-to-Dress Refashion - AfterFluttery Floral Skirt-to-Dress Refashion - Strap

And unless you're keen on showing the world your underpants, don't forget to wear a half-slip.

Breezy Floral Dress Before & After

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  1. Hi, I see this is a post from several years ago but I think it look really pretty for hot weather wear !
    I particularly like the straps with a twist you have added, I’m going to use that idea definitely.
    Thanks for sharing all your make-over ideas.