Monday, June 02, 2014


Guess who's the newest Knit & Crochet SuperStar over at Cut Out + Keep!

Knit & Crochet Superstar Carissa

Check back each day this week for another one of my featured projects.


  1. Hi Carissa!
    Great interview! Congratulations!
    Kisses from Portugal

  2. Oh wow! Nice! You're so prolific with the refashions, I can hardly imagine how much knitting you must do, too - what would you say your time split is between refashions and knitting? (and/or any other craft)

    1. Sewing has definitely taken over a lot more of my time in the last couple years due to my weight loss. Right now, I would say I average maybe 3-4 hours a week knitting and 6-8 hours sewing. It fluctuates though - more knitting in the winter, less in the summer, for instance. There was a time when I spent closer to 20-25 hours a week knitting (before I really got into sewing), but sadly I have a lot less free time in recent years what with all these "adult responsibilities." Also, a lot of my current knitting projects are for design submission/publication, so I can't really blog about them.

      As for other crafts, I go through fits of jewelry-making; I'll crochet something occasionally; I might do some painting once in a great while. But these are few and far between. I mostly stick to yarn and fabric.

    2. Thanks for such a detailed answer. You have a lot of interests and talents. I'm so happy that you share some of it here.

      I can still remember when I had SO much free time, too. Before marriage, before kids and pets, before elderly parents ... even working full-time I still had time to read and do crafts then like I've never had since. Even if my responsibilities were fewer now, my eyes are aging, I have carpal tunnel in one hand, and I'm losing my manual dexterity for stuff like picking up pins ... I wish I had that time back. But that's life :)