Monday, June 09, 2014

Sunday Sew-Day: Teal Blouse

I didn't have much time for sewing this weekend (didn't even manage to post it on time!), so another quickie it is! I picked up this lovely polyester blouse for $2 recently. I wasn't keen on the poofy sleeves, and though the big floppy bow tie thing seems to have come back into vogue, I'm not entirely sold on the idea. The teal paisley fabric was great though!

Teal Blouse - BeforeTeal Blouse - Before

I severed the sleeves.

Teal Blouse - In Progress

And I cut off the collar.

Teal Blouse - In Progress

From the neck tie, I cut four long strips of fabric - one for each armhole and two joined together for the neckline. I pinned each to the right side of the fabric.

Teal Blouse - In Progress

Once sewn, I pressed the bindings flat.

Teal Blouse - In Progress

Folded over and pinned again, I gave them all a final top-stitching and called it a day!

Teal Blouse - In Progress

Without those sleeves and that bow, the drapey fabric and the pleats at the shoulders can take center stage.

Teal Blouse - AfterTeal Blouse - After

It was a jeans sort of day, but I plan to pair this new top with slacks or a skirt and a nice tailored blazer for work.

Teal Blouse - AfterTeal Blouse - After

Hooray, tattoo coverage!

Teal Blouse - After

Teal Blouse - Before & After


  1. So cute! So comfy! Back-tracking to last week - I love the idea of placing the belt over the cardigan on the eShakti orange dress - great idea. I also enjoyed checking out your treasures as the Knitting and Crochet Star. I went right ahead and printed directions for a couple of items. What is next?

    1. Thanks! The cardigan was necessary for work but looked kinda frumpy when it was just hanging there. So a belt it shall be!

      So glad you enjoyed the knitting patterns. I was so honored to have been chosen for the Superstar that week.

      Next? I never know what's next until it's upon me!

  2. Once again, less is more. I loved my blouses with ties at the time, but I have a rule: if you lived through a fad once, never ever wear it again :)