Friday, November 18, 2016

DINO knits: Ankylosaurus

Number 7 in our dino line-up is the amazing Ankylosaurus, another armored dinosaur like Stegosaurus before him (like, almost 100 million years before him).

Ankylosaurus Shawl
Ankylosaurus Shawl

Heavy armor plating, or osteoderms, lined Ankylosaurus' back, protecting him from attack in much the same way that the columns of lacy “spikes” on this shawl will fend off the chill.

Ankylosaurus Shawl
Ankylosaurus Shawl

Worked end-to-end with increases and decreases incorporated into the lace charts, this shawl makes an ideal project for a beginning lace knitter. And if you want a longer scarf, you can simply work more repeats of the center section. After all, Ankylosaurus measured up to 20.5 feet. I don't see why your new neck-cessory couldn't be equally lavish.

Ankylosaurus Shawl
Ankylosaurus Shawl

One size

Span: 42 inches
Height at center: 13 inches

Sun Valley Fibers MCN Fingering [80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon; 366m/400yd per 100g skein]; color: Cheeky; 1 skein
US #6/4mm circular needle
Tapestry needle

19 sts/31 rows = 4 inches in lace pattern (chart included in pattern)

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We're in the home stretch now! Just one more dinoshawl left! But remember, you can get all eight patterns right now in one e-book, also available for purchase through Ravelry, for half the total cost of all of the individual dinoshawl patterns.

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