Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sunday Sew-Day: Neverending Summer & Firmoo Review

While the majority of the northern hemisphere may be getting glimpses of autumn already, we here in Texas are still suffering through the last few weeks of summer. And since I've been wearing my refashioned t-shirt dress at least once a week, I thought it might behoove me to have a second one in rotation. For this second t-shirt dress, I used a gauzy little dress I had previously created from a skirt for our Hawaiian vacation a few years ago. I've worn it a few times since, but was never terribly fond of the way I built the bodice. It just didn't fit super well.

Floral Sundress - Before

To go with the lovely floral pattern, I also pulled out a raspberry-colored tee which had a couple small holes on one side.

Floral Sundress - BeforeFloral Sundress - Before

I removed the poorly made bodice from the dress and cut straight across the t-shirt right at the level of the larger of the two holes.

Floral Sundress - In ProgressFloral Sundress - In Progress

I stuck the top of the tee into the inside-out skirt, pinned, and sewed them together.

Floral Sundress - In Progress

Since the smaller of the two holes was a touch too high to be cut off, I took some matching thread and darned it closed. Hardly noticeable now!

Floral Sundress - In ProgressFloral Sundress - After

So comfy! So light and breezy!

Floral Sundress - After

Floral Sundress - After

The observant among you may have noticed I have new glasses! I've been wearing my tortoise shell glasses from Firmoo practically everyday since I got them back in February. I have loved them so much, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with Firmoo again.

Floral Sundress - After

I really dig the shape of the tortoise pair, but felt like I needed some black frames to wear on occasions when brown just won't do. I found these fabulous frames in a matte finish, and they are just fantastic! The only thing that's bugged me a bit about my tortoise frames is their tendency to slide down my nose when I lean forward, but this black pair stays in place perfectly! It only took about a week after I placed my order to receive my new glasses - complete with a hard case, a soft drawstring bag, and a handy little keychain screwdriver for those on-the-go tune-ups.

Floral Sundress - After

If you need corrective lenses, or even if you just want some fashion frames with non-prescription lenses, I highly recommend Firmoo. If you've browsed their frames before, you can peruse their new arrivals here, aaaaaand they're offering 15% OFF to new customers!

Floral Sundress - After

Floral Sundress - Before & After


  1. That's a really gorgeous print. This kind of dress looks so comfortable, too.