Friday, July 04, 2014

Thrift Score: Red, White, & Blue Jeans

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the States! We're warming up the grill for lunch and gearing up for fireworks this evening. But first, let's check out the wardrobe for the day, shall we?

Here's another top I snagged at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks back. Its red and white floral print is just darling, and at an original price of $68 from Anthropologie, so I didn't feel too bad spending $14 on it (way more than I would usually pay for a thrifted top, but still).

Red & White & Blue JeansRed, White, Blue Jeans

We've also got my $10 J.Crew toothpick jeans and a pair of $5 bronze wedge sandals (my new favorite shoes!), both from Goodwill.

Red, White, & Blue JeansRed, White, & Blue Jeans

Now bring on the barbecue!


  1. Hi Carissa!
    Great outfit for the 4th of July! Love the sandals too!
    Love your hair!
    kisses from Portugal!

    1. Thanks! Every once in a while I overcome my laziness and do something with my hair other than a bun. :)

  2. Yes to the hair, here, too! And very cute top - it would have been at home here in Canada on July 1 as well (we wear red and white) :)

    1. Indeed! Happy belated Canada Day to you!