Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eastern Influence Necklace and a T-Shirt Remake

I've had an incredibly crafty weekend, but let's start off slow.

Saturday evening, we celebrated a friend's birthday with delicious Ethiopian food, followed by English cider, Belgian lambic, and German beer (don't worry - that wasn't all consumed by one person). To match the multicultural evening, I gifted this friend a necklace with a bit of Chinese flare.

I found these little coin charms at Hobby Lobby for half off, and combined them with some red seed beads and brass findings. The birthday girl seemed to really like it too!

Secondly, I confiscated an old t-shirt of my husband's, never worn anymore due to a small hole under one arm and a large one at the bottom of the back. But since I planned to cut both of those pieces off, those holes didn't phase me a bit! I followed this lovely tutorial to turn this...

into this!

My only deviation from the tutorial was the addition of bust darts on the sides. There was a considerable amount of gaping at the armholes once I removed the sleeves, so those needed to be closed up for modesty's sake.

Stay tuned for more weekend projects!

MASH Shirt Before & After

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