Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Dress to Small[er] Dress

I love orange. Pumpkin, rust, cinnabar, apricot, tangerine, construction cone orange, you name it. So when I saw this lovely orange jersey dress at the thrift store, I knew its rusty ruffles were coming home with me, despite the fact that it was a 3XL. No worries! I had a plan.

I slid the collar down under my arms (yep, it was that big). I took in the sides, closing the armholes while I was at it. I added bust darts to make it hang right. This meant there was now an excess of fabric at the top of the back, so I basically ran a horizontal dart all the way across to remove the extra fabric. Finally, I took the strips of binding that had been around the former armholes, cut them each in half so I had four pieces, and then attached one to each of what used to be the collar points and one to each side of the back. Tada! Tie-able straps!

I've already worn it this summer because I love of it oh so dearly, but I can seen this, paired with a nice blazer or cardigan, being my go-to outfit for autumn.

Ruffled Dress Before & After

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