Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Book Review: Cut Out + Keep

March is National Craft Month, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than to take a tour of our nation from a crafter's perspective. Cat Morley and Tom Waddington, the minds behind CutOutAndKeep.net, recently crossed the pond and traveled all across the US, visiting each of our 50 states. Now they've compiled 50 different state-inspired craft projects into their first book!

It's slated to hit US bookstores on March 17 (that's just 2 weeks from today), but you can pre-order it now from Amazon. And while you wait, Cat and Tom were nice enough to share two of their projects with the world a little early!

If you have amassed a sizable bottle cap collection as I have, then perhaps a Bottle Cap Ring is the answer to your crafting funk. Cat's and Tom's version was inspired by the breweries of the St. Louis area and features a photo of the Gateway Arch. Of course, you can feel free to fill it with whatever picture you like. A portrait of your grandmother? An adorable snapshot of you and your significant other? Or maybe make a matching pair for you and your best friend, and mix some glitter into the resin for some extra pizzazz!

If you're more into cooking (or eating, as the case may be), then kick off your boots and get cracking on this recipe for Tex-Mex Tortilla Chips and Cowboy Hat Dip Bowls, inspired by a state near and dear to my own heart. And if, like me, you are less than adept at the culinary arts, then I bet these star-shaped chips could easily be cut out of some store-bought tortillas instead and then baked to the perfect crispness. I might just have to try that for my next party!

If you like these two tutorials, be sure to get your copy of Cut Out + Keep: Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects for 48 more ideas! As for me, I'm looking forward to stitching up some Sasquatch Slipper Boots from the forests of Oregon and constructing a Wyoming-inspired Jackalope Jewelry Holder from thrift store tchotchkes. Perhaps I can convince my husband (the chef of our house) to make me an Extreme Grilled Cheese fit for Wisconsin or some Bacon Bit Pralines that would make Georgia proud!


  1. Oh this is just fun! :o) I admit, I'm a bit disappointed in the "craft" for Texas though. I think I was expecting a leather craft. :o)


    1. You can't go wrong with chips and salsa, but yeah, a leather craft could've been cool too.