Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday [No]Sew-Day: Yellow Striped Tee

I like to take a less-is-more approach sometimes (okay, pretty frequently). So I knew just what to do when I got this tee in a big box of garage sale leftovers from a local Freecycle member.

Yellow Striped Tee - BeforeYellow Striped Tee - Before

It fits fine, but those ruffles are a bit much. Add to that a few small bleach stains, and this is not the type of refashion where I want to spend too much time and effort. My solution: a quick, no-sew project to get a little more life out of this top before the bleach spots get on my nerves too.

Yellow Striped Tee - Before

I removed the ruffles with my seam ripper, than carefully snipped the ends out of the side seam and raglan seams, being carefully not to snip the fabric I want to keep.

Yellow Striped Tee - In Progress

A run through the washing machine removed those pesky stitch marks.

Yellow Striped Tee - AfterYellow Striped Tee - After

By the way, that white skirt is the thrift score I was going to show you on Thursday were it not for the rain.

Yellow Striped Tee - AfterYellow Striped Tee - After

It's Calvin Klein, and I got it at one of the recent clothes swaps I attended.

Yellow Striped Tee - AfterYellow Striped Tee - After

I'm not completely sold on the white skirt because I know the first time I actually wear it, I'll likely drop some sort of food on myself. But that's one of the great things about thrift-store wardrobes: if something gets damaged, you don't feel nearly as bad about it.

Yellow Striped Tee - After

Yellow Striped Tee - Before & After


  1. And white is so nice for warm weather. Live a little, I always say :)