Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thursday Thrift Score: Denim, Part VIII

I have, admittedly, been a tad reluctant to accept the return of 80's fashion. I realize styles are usually cyclical and everything old will be new again eventually. However, my full absorption of the trend took me by surprise when I found this denim vest in a box of garage sale leftovers and thought, "Ooo cute!"

Denim VestDenim Vest

It came as an even greater shock when I immediately thought of pairing it with my bright, bordering on neon, salmon maxi skirt (courtesy of Target's clearance rack).

Denim VestDenim Vest

I decided to forgo the trifecta though and skip the side ponytail.


  1. Cute! I know what you mean, I'm often reluctant to jump on board with the 'latest trends' and I haven't been very excited about the return of the 80's, but I too recently just thrifted a denim vest similar to this one! I haven't even worn it yet. :) You paired it well, it looks great with the bright skirt.

    1. Thanks, Des! I bet you'll totally own your new vest when you do wear it. :)