Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All New Ways to Watch!

Hey guys! I've been playing around with the blog a little the last couple days. You may notice the fancy new banner I created - it's my artistic rendering of the downtown Dallas skyline. I've also got a spiffy button to match, which you should feel free to grab from the left-hand sidebar and pop it onto your blog if you like.

Plus, I've added lots of little buttons at the top left for all the different ways you can follow me. Some were already there in another form, but now, in addition to making pretty little icons, I've added some new options. I set up a brand new Facebook page and RSS feed. I actually started using my existing Google+ and Twitter accounts (I tweeted for the first time yesterday and felt like a total geezer). There's even a convenient link to email me any questions or if you've got a refashion or thrift score you'd like featured.

Now you can pick your favorite media vehicle to get your fix of CarissaKnits! I'll be seeing you around!


  1. Wow! This looks great. Very clean and professional. Congrats on your first tweet. It's still a mystery to me.

    1. Thanks, Trish! It's a brave new world out there, indeed.

  2. Once again, I expect only the best from You!!! Very Very Nice!!!