Monday, December 31, 2012

Short Circuit

Once again, I find myself having to apologize for my extended absence. The holidays have been a bit hectic here at Casa de Carissa, what with out-of-town guests and then being the out-of-town guests. And now I've got two pattern submission deadlines fast approaching, so I've been knitting like mad. But of course, I can't show you those projects since they're for submissions. Le sigh.

I can, however, show you this super simple refashion that was about all the sewing I had time for this month. It started as a slightly too-tight dress picked up at that clothes swap I went to a couple months back.

Circuit Board Top Refashion

Step one of this refashion was to allow the piece to languish in my refash pile for a few months while I lost a few more pounds. Now it's not quite as snug as in the "before" pic.

I think the pattern is supposed to be a sort of modern-artsy representation of trees, but to me it looks more like a circuit board. Whatever it may be, I liked the fabric, but those weird apron-esque pockets have got to go! I've got an abundance of dresses, so how about a cute top? First, we'll chop off the bottom portion, just below the bottom of the side-seam zipper.

Circuit Board Top Refashion

And after a quick trip through the sewing machine, it's got a new hem, and that's it!

Circuit Board Top RefashionCircuit Board Top Refashion

Such an easy conversion from blah to beautiful!

Circuit Board Top Before & After


  1. Hi Carissa! I love that fabric too! So beautiful!I would have just took off those pockets, and keep it a dress. But it's lovely anyway! Kisses from Portugal! Helena A.

  2. I actually both the before and after.