Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vest to Mini Skirt

I confess: I love vests. I don't know what it is about them - maybe the fact that I'm always cold so layers are good - but I always had a predilection for this wardrobe staple. Sometimes though, they turn on you. I've had this lime green sweater vest for a long time, but kinda big and boxy. Back when I was big and boxy I think it worked, but now? Not so much. I'm thinking it needs to be turned into a little mini skirt.

Green Mini Skirt - Before

First, I chopped off the top from underarm to underarm.

Green Mini Skirt - In Progress

Next, I cut my elastic to the right length (just wrap it around your waist and tighten until it feels like a bit snug) and used a zig-zag stitch to join the ends.

Green Mini Skirt - In Progress

Then I pinned my elastic to my sweater tube, which can be a little tricky since each will want to stretch in their own way. I find it easiest to pin at each side, then find the midpoint of the elastic between each pin and the midpoint of the skirt between each pin, and pin those spots together. Then keep pinning midpoints until you have enough to hold it in place while you sew.

Green Mini Skirt - In Progress

Finally, I used a zig-zag stitch again to attach my waistband to my new skirt. You'll want to pull gently while you sew so that the elastic and knit fabric are the same length between pins as it goes under the presser foot. But be careful not to stretch too much.

Green Mini Skirt - In Progress

Now you can give it a camisole for warmer months...

Green Mini Skirt - After

...or pair it with some tights and boots, and you're all set for autumn!

Green Mini Skirt - AfterGreen Mini Skirt - After

Green Mini Skirt Before & After

Join me next time for a variation of this refashion that will maintain a little more length for your new skirt.

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