Saturday, November 03, 2012

Infinity Scarf

Here we have another piece I grabbed at the clothes swap. It's a light-weight, sheer fabric in a lovely fall color palette, but it's an XL and not really my style.

Floral Top to Scarf Refashion - Before
I decided to be really lazy with this one. I cut straight across, just below the elastic waist...

Floral Top to Scarf Refashion - In Progress

...and then hemmed the raw edge. And there we have it! An infinity scarf! Soooo easy.

Floral Top to Scarf Refashion - AfterFloral Top to Scarf Refashion - After

Floral Infinity Scarf Before & After

Now I'm trying to decide what to do with the top portion. I removed the elastic from both the waist and the sleeves, and hemmed the bottom edge. But I'm not sure I'm terribly keen on it. I tried tying it, but again, I'm not sold. What do you think? Would shorter sleeves help maybe?



  1. I think it looks great on you even if it's not your style! It's really pretty!

  2. Ooh that print is gorgeous!! I've never thought of refashioning a sheer top into a scarf, but I love it!! :)

    1. It's the perfect scarf for Texas (or California) - purely decorative and doesn't really provide any unnecessary warmth! :D