Sunday, November 04, 2012

Full to Fitted

I picked up these casual navy slacks on Target's clearance rack a while back. They're fine, I guess, just not great.

Pants Refit - Before
I thought I'd take in the legs, like I did with the brown pants last week, but with a little tweaking. These navy pants were a bit too high-waisted and not as long as I'd like. Luckily, both issues can be solved with one method. I pinned and sewed all the way up the inner leg, including removing some fabric from the inseam, then down the other leg.

Pants Refit - In Progress

This raising of the crotch also effectively lowers the waist and lengthens the legs too. Perfect!

Pants Refit - AfterPants Refit - After

Small change, big difference.

Pants Refit Before & After


  1. i have a pair of pants with exactly the same problem which i still haven't done anything about but was planning on doing this. but did you only change the upper inseams or did you also pull in the actual crotch line, too? thanks! :) lisa

  2. The photo with the pins shows the only new seam I sewed - just up the inside of one leg, around the crotch, and down the other leg. That's it! The hardest part was pinning the curve of the crotch without getting folds in the fabric. But once I had that pinned, the actual sewing was a snap!