Saturday, December 08, 2018

Yip Yips

The spaceship has landed, and any fan of late 20th century children’s public television will recognize these lovable aliens.

Crochet them or knit them, use them as holiday stockings, toy storage, kids’ laundry, whatever really!

You should also be prepared to play with ping pong balls and pipe cleaners, and do a little light sewing.

Yip yip yip yip uh-huh uh-huh…

Circumference: 25 inches
Height: 14 inches (excluding tentacles & hanging loop)

8 sts/8 rows = 4 inches in single crochet
8 sts/16 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch

Bernat Blanket/Blanket Brights/Baby Blanket [100% polyester; 220yds/201m per 300g skein]; 1 skein in color of your choice; shown in Royal Blue, Pixie Pink, Pow Purple, Baby Teal, Crimson (crochet), and Baby Lilac (knit)
L/8mm crochet hook (also used for attaching tentacles in both crochet and knit versions)
US10.5/6.5mm circular needle, 24 inches long
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
2 ping pong balls
Black paint pen or permanent marker
2 pipe cleaners, 12 inches long
Awl, ice pick, corn pick (for poking holes in ping pong balls)
Black flannel fabric, 16 inches by 24 inches
Sewing needle
Black thread

Get the FREE crochet pattern or knit pattern now on Ravelry!


  1. Adorable!! I remember those.

  2. US or UK crochet terms? Thanks, it's adorable

  3. Omg! My life is complete now!!!!
    I love these guys!!!!!

  4. Hi Carissa! Are these available for sale?! I absolutely love them and would love to be able to purchase a few!

    1. No, I do not make and sell the finished product. The patterns are free though, so you're welcome to find a knitter or crocheter near you who'd be willing to work on commission. Or you could learn to knit or crochet yourself. They're both super fun crafts!

  5. I love these! I am almost finished with my first one.

    Can I get 2 from a skein of the yarn?

    Thank you!

    1. Each of my original samples used about 200g of the 300g skein, so no, I don't think you'd be able to get 2 out of a single skein, unless you modified the pattern to make them a little smaller.

  6. I always find your blog very interesting. Thanks for the share

  7. First time crocheting and I find that my rows don’t meet up. The next row is always one higher. Am I supposed to “join” each row even though it doesn’t say that?

  8. Hallo, I have a question about yip yips rowe 23 its says sc dec in next 2 sts. do you mean 2 x dec ore one time.

    greetings M van Haren (the are very cute)

  9. I've been crocheting 50 years and I'm stumped. In round 31 if you do not turn at the end of round Thirty are you now working down along the edge of the mouth???

  10. I am stumped on row 30 and 31. It says do not turn at the end of row 30 but if i dont then will i continue around to the other side and then do row 31. any help would be appreciated

    1. Same and I came here for answers :( Do I cut and tie off at the end of row 30 and start row 31 where I left the stitch marker? Can someone please help?

  11. Hi. I am trying to make my own yip yip, but I am finding impossible to keep the bottom flat, instead I make a conical shape. Any tips? Thanks

  12. prepared to play with ping pong balls Someone To Write An Essay For Me and pipe cleaners, and do a little light sewing.

  13. Hi! I made these a while back, but I don’t remember how to make a sc in a slip knot.

  14. I am having trouble with the inside facing. It seems to be very hard to understand. I asked several people and they also had trouble figuring it out. Measurements do not fit and where does the angled part go once it’s in. I’ve looked on line and everyone has left it out. I think it looks so much better with it in. It doesn’t look finished. I’m determined to figure this out so I can give grandkids for Christmas. Can you help?