Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Metallic Meh

For last week's Refashion Runway metallic challenge, I had originally planned an all gold outfit, pairing this oversized gold sparkly sweater with my pleated curtain skirt. It's difficult to capture the sparkles, but trust me, they're there.

Gold Sweater - Before

Updating this pullover was incredibly easy. I carefully removed the white polyester collar, cuffs, and single remaining "cuff link" (really just two buttons attached to one another with a bit of thread. The laundering tag had already been cut off by the previous owner, so ditching the brand tag too was no big deal. Then I took in the sides with a line of straight stitching and then serging to keep the knit fabric from unraveling. I liked the little vents at the bottom of each side seam, so I tapered my stitching toward those to preserve them.

Gold Sweater - In ProgressGold Sweater - In ProgressGold Sweater - In Progress

And for my next trick, I put it on backward! Yep, backward. I wanted more of a boatneck collar, so I tried it on backward, and it totally worked. Plus, I love that you get a little peak you get of my tattoos.

Gold Sweater - After

Gold Sweater - After

Gold Sweater - After

This was one of the quick distraction projects I tackled while my pleating sample was in the wash. However, once the skirt was complete as well and I tried them on together, I quickly realized all the gold, with my yellow-ish skin tone and dark blonde hair, was just too much and thus, went with the silver lace top instead.

Gold Sweater - After

Gold Sweater - After

Gold Sweater - After

I'll still totally wear this top, just not with an entirely gold ensemble.

If you haven't cast you vote yet for the metallic challenge, there's still time! Voting ends Friday, so be sure to check out all the entries soon and pick your favorite!

Gold Sweater - Before & After


  1. Great "Reversal" Carissa !
    Saving the side vents at the end of your new side seams gives just enough flare to be very flattering to you and the sweater style. See how great the length of the tassel necklace - it hangs just right !

    1. Thanks, Linda! I like the flared shape I ended up with too. And of course the necklace!