Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Mixed Media Weekend

On Thursday, I whipped up another awesome cross-stitch. This tiny fox - only about an inch and a half tall - is about the cutest little F-bomb I've ever seen. Don't you think? The pattern is available from HolyStitch101 on Etsy.

For Fox Sake Cross-Stitch

On Saturday, my yarn crew and I basked in the glory of DFW Fiber Fest 2016. I picked up some sock yarn, like I do.

Hedgehog Fibres Sock
Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Coral

Panorama Fiber Arts Socky Bombs
Panorama Fiber Arts Socky Bombs in Grayscale

Alisha Goes Around Bevy of Swan Fingering
Alisha Goes Around Bevy of Swans Fingering in teal/black

I also brought home an array of hand-made stitch markers from the other Fiber Fest attendees who participated in the stitch marker swap. The shrinky dink kind seemed to be a popular choice among the vendors, for obvious reasons. There were also lots of critters, a few flowers, and all manner of beaded markers. Aren't they lovely?

Stitch Markers

For the first time ever, I saw one of my knitting patterns in the wild!
As this couple walked past us, I pointed to the guy's hat/scarf and said, "Hey, that's the HeelHead Scarf!"
"You know the pattern?" she asked.
"Know it? I designed it!"
There was much squeeing (from me), and they were kind enough to take a photo with me. It was super exciting!

DFW Fiber Fest 2016


  1. Thanks for the photo of all the stitch markers!! Neat!

  2. To see your pattern in the wild....that.is.awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It really was! As I walked away after our little encounter, my hands were still shaking a bit from the excitement. :D

  3. Ahhh - more inspiration for my bracelets - thanks!

    How exciting that must have been to see your pattern on a stranger's head! cool!

    1. It was a total shock - but a good one!

  4. Hello, the fox cross stitch is an original pattern of mine. I would greatly appreciate if you would credit me and add a link to where it can found. The shop is Holy Stitch 101 on etsy. Thank you!!

    1. Yes, of course. I found it on Pinterest, but the link was broken, and I wasn't able to track down the source. Thanks!