Sunday, January 11, 2015

Merry Mohawks and Baby Beanies

You may have noticed a different look to the blog this weekend. What can I say? I got bored. Blame it on the whole New Year thing. I decided to go for a more minimalist look. Plus, I nixed the left-hand side bar to make room to bigger pictures in the posts. Hope you like it!

Continuing to catch up on un-blogged holiday gifts, today brings you a triple play of adorable with my nephews and niece and their new hats.

The boys got festively colored mohawks. I worked each hat from the top down with the increases paired in such as way as to make an obvious line of stitches down the center front and center back. That made it super easy to keep the mohawk straight when it came time to attach all that fringe.

Merry Mohawks

They're made of warm, worsted weight wool (Lion Brand Lion Wool in Scarlet), held double for a bulky gauge. For the mohawk, I used a loosely spun, single ply wool (Cascade Soft Spun in color #2851), making the strands stick to themselves a bit for a style-able mohawk, to a degree at least.

Merry Mohawks

So much cooler than Santa hat, no?

The 3-month-old niece got a set of top-knotted toques, refashioned from a friend's out-grown (well, under-grown) pajamas and a shirt, all super soft jersey fabric.

Baby Beanies - BeforeBaby Beanies - Before

I used this pattern as a guide and snipped the hat shape out of a paper bag. Then, instead of sewing a separate cuff like the original, I just laid my pattern piece along the bottom hem of each garment and cut through both layers of fabric.

Baby Beanies - In Progress

With right sides facing, I pinned and stitched my hats together.

Baby Beanies - In ProgressBaby Beanies - In Progress

Then I flipped them each right-side-out and knotted the top. Tada!

Baby Beanies - After

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the hats with an actual baby head in them, but trust me, it was cute.

Baby Hats


  1. reusing hems is one of the joys of upcycling! Very cute hats.

  2. Aww. Awwwwww. And more awwwwww!! And such good timing on the baby hats ... I'm going to be a grandmother any day now, and these look pretty easy, especially using the existing hem on the original garment - thank you.

    1. Oh, they are *super* easy! You'll want to make a million for your new little one.