Monday, September 29, 2014

Beads, Beads, They're good for your art

This weekend was the Dallas Bead Market, which I didn't even know was a thing until a friend called me up on Saturday after seeing a sign for it while driving past one of the local civic centers. So on Sunday, we hit it up, not because I need more beads, just, you know, out of curiosity. I wouldn't be gone long, I told my husband. Yeah, that happened.


But look at all the pretties! I fell in love with these blue metallic beads and bought three strands for $3 each.


Then there were these freshwater pearls. I realize pearls are more valuable the more round they are, but I actually like the oblong ones better. Maybe I'm weird. I snagged these two strands for $5 each.

I found some cute black skull beads on the clearance table for $2. These are going to make a great gift for a friend who loves all things skull.

Finally, I sorted through a bin of fossil pendants and picked out the very best one to bring home with me. This set me back $6.



I was still on a bead high when I got home, so I immediately made a quick and simple necklace and earrings set with the blue beads.

Meanwhile, the peyote bracelet continues apace. It's definitely getting easier and faster (but still super slow) as I get more practice with it. It's about twice as long as last time you saw it, but only because I haven't had much time to work on it the past few days. I'm really happy with how the transition between the pinks is going so far.



  1. I absolutely love the colour of those blue beads. Beautiful. And the fossil pendant! Whoa! That is cool. Ya done good :)