Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thursday Thrift Score: Blazers, Part VII

My college roommate has a thing for velvet blazers, so this week's thrift score is dedicated to her. Last year, I picked up this super soft and comfy jacket for around $5 at one of my favorite stores, Thrift City in Richardson, TX. Its deep raspberry color is perfect for autumn and winter, but could last well into spring if paired with a little floral dress or maybe a graphic black and white print.

Raspberry Velvet Blazer

There are two small side straps to make it a bit more fitted if necessary.

Raspberry Velvet Blazer

It even has these tiny little grommets under the arms for ventilation since velvet can be a touch on the warm side.

Raspberry Velvet Blazer

Hurray! Another thrift store find that needs no alterations!


  1. Love the colour. Love velvet. Great idea to put it over a floral dress.

    1. Indeed, I'll have to try it once it's warm enough for naked legs again.

  2. Hi Carissa! I just LOVE it! great color, great pattern, and it fits you so well!
    Kisses from Portugal

  3. I got a velour blazer at a thrift store that is kind of a deep teal and I love it but have had no idea how to wear it. I'm a stay at home mom, so I don't need work clothes and don't like to look overly dressed up. Thanks for sharing these blazer ideas to help me figure it all out!