Monday, April 08, 2013

Tube Top

I'm a big fan of reusing as much as possible of a refashion "before" garment, though most of the time, the scraps languish in my fabric stash for quiet a while before I get back to them. But not this time! Last time, I showed you how I converted this sack of a dress to a flowy kimono-esque top with no sewing whatsoever.

No-Sew Kimono Before & After

Now you get to see what I did with the skirt portion, though this one does involve some sewing.

No-Sew Kimono - in Progress

My first step was to flip the skirt upside-down. I'm going to use the bottom hem as a pocket for an elastic top. I snipped out the side seams to open up that pocket.

Tube Top Refashion - In Progress

Then I grabbed some scraps of wide elastic and fed them through.

Tube Top Refashion - In Progress

Then I attached the elastic ends to one another. Yes, I used two pieces of elastic of different widths. This project was all about making do with what I had on hand.

Tube Top Refashion - In Progress

I overlapped the fabric and resewed the side seams, securing the elastic within so it doesn't get twisted in the wash or anything.

Tube Top Refashion - In ProgressTube Top Refashion - In Progress

That gave me a bit of fabric that would stick out just below the elastic pocket, so I folded it inward and took that part in. I also took in the side seams to give an hourglass shape, but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted that picture from my camera. (Bad blogger! No cookie!)

Tube Top Refashion - In Progress

And ta-da! Two tops from one unloved dress!

Tube Top Refashion - After

Tube Top Before & After

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