Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No-Sew Scarf

This tee used to be one of my favorites. I think my face makes it clear how I feel about it now.

Fringed Scarf - Before

But wait, there's hope for this garment yet! The Pinspiration:

I folded my tee in half (helps me cut a straight line) and trimmed off the bottom portion just under the arms.

Fringed Scarf

Then I sliced up from the hem about every inch and about halfway up the tube. I even cut out the side seams while I was at it.

Fringed Scarf

Then I gave each fringe a not-so-gentle tug to stretch it out.

Fringed Scarf

And I also stuck both arms through the tube and pulled in opposite directions to stretch the whole thing. Since it was already a large shirt, this extra stretchy means I can wrap it if I want!

Fringed ScarfFringed Scarf

Couldn't have been easier!

Fringed Scarf Before & After


  1. It looks good on you. Well done.

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