Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jeans Refit

I have several pair of jeans that are perfectly good jeans, but just a size too large now. I've lived with them like this for a couple months now, thinking they weren't ill-fitting enough yet to make it worthwhile to ditch them and buy new ones (from a thrift store, of course - I don't really do new). However, recently it got to be too much. Why did I work my butt off (literally!) to lose all this weight just to hide it in baggy jeans? So I decided to do something about it! Here's what I'm talking about.

Jeans Refit - Before

See? Not too big to wear, but certainly not as flattering as I'd like.
I began by flipping them inside out and pinching about an inch of fabric along the inseam, just to the back of the existing seam. I'm going to sew as close to the existing seams as possible in order to make my new seams practically invisible.

Jeans Refit - In Progress

This would be a very quick refashion too, assuming your sewing machine doesn't decide to do this.

Jeans Refit - In Progress

So once I got my tension adjusted, here's my new seam from the inside...

Jeans Refit - In Progress

...and from the outside.

Jeans Refit - In Progress

Someone would really have to invade my personal bubble to notice that! And I didn't even have to touch the waistband, because who has time to mess with that? By taking in the legs and crotch, the jeans ride a little lower on my hips now, meaning the slightly too-big waist now fits just fine at a wider part of my hips (though I still like to wear a belt for safety's sake).

Jeans Refit - After

I did this pair a week ago (while my husband was gone for the day, hence the awesome mirror pics). They were such a success, I decided to take in three more pair this past weekend.

Jeans Refit Before & After


  1. LOVE! I've been planning on doing the same, but in my case it's the whole "rip out the zipper, redo the crotch/belt" scenario. :(
    Your new jeans look great!

  2. I love all your refashions. You're very inspirational to me, not only for the clothing refashions but for your weight loss (I read back a bit) and your creativity :) also, are those hand-knit socks on your feet?? I'm also a knitter and my favorite pair I own is the only pair I've made for myself and I hope they never wear out because I don't have time to make a new pair!!! :)

  3. Thanks! They are indeed hand-knit socks, these to be precise. They are far from my only pair though!

  4. did you cut off the 'extra' fabric?

  5. Yes, I did cut off the extra.

  6. I love this idea: must try, maybe serging, to take off the exceeding fabric!


  7. OMG that is brilliant... I will have to try that on a pair I own... Thanks... Plus just wanted to say that one inch made a huge difference... looks like you lost 20 pounds. :)

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I found it was a great way to get a little more life out of my jeans after I lost weight. No point in buying new jeans if you can make the ones you already have last!