Monday, October 16, 2006

Mini Holiday Stockings

Who wouldn't prefer a cute little stocking filled with candy to a boring greeting card? Whether you're a broke college student or have relatives who aren't worth the price of a "real" gift, these little guys are the perfect solution to large family holiday get-togethers where no one should feel left out. Knit one for everyone and fill with half a dozen chocolate kisses. Make a few extra for unexpected guests.

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Small amounts of worsted yarn in red, green, white, or your favorite holiday colors
US7 (4.5mm) double-pointed needles
Tapestry needle

20sts by 28rows = 4in (10cm) in stst on US7 (4.5mm)

Finished Size:
About 4in (10cm) tall

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With cuff color, CO 18 sts and dist to 3 dpns. Join to work in the rnd, being careful not to twist. Work 3 rnds in seed stitch ([k1, p1] on odd rnds, [p1, k1] on even rnds).
Change colors if desired. Do not cut previous color; just carry it along inside stocking until it is needed again. Knit 15 rnds in stst. For striped version, change colors every two rounds.
Redistribute sts so that 9 are on one needle for heel.
Row 1: With heel color, k8, turn.
Row 2: yo-b, p7, turn.
Row 3: yo, k6, turn.
Row 4: yo-b, p5, turn.
Row 5: yo, k5, am, k2tog, turn.
Row 6: yo-b, p6, ssp, turn.
Row 7: yo, k7, am2, k3tog, turn.
Row 8: yo-b, p8, sssp, turn.
With main color (or stripe pattern), yo, k9, move next yo to next needle & k2tog, k7, move next yo (first st on next needle) to end of current needle & skp. Knit even for 4 rnds. Knit 4 more sts; this is the new beg of each rnd (so the color joggle is on the bottom of the foot). Cut main color.
With toe color, knit 1 rnd even.
Next rnd, [k1, k2tog] around (12 sts) - you may have to redistribute sts on needles for the k2tog's.
Knit 1 rnd even.
Next rnd, [k2tog] around (6 sts).
Cut yarn, leaving a tail. Thread through rem sts using tapestry needle. Pull tight and tie off. Weave in ends.

Fill with candy, potpourri, etc. Add a ribbon loop to the top to use as a tree ornament. Do whatever you want with it!

Feel free to comment here with questions.

This pattern is intended for personal use only. Please do not try to sell it or any product made from it. Thank you.


  1. Hello to my new best friend!

    I just casted and and then stayed uoo till 2am to make my first Mini stocking.

    I love this pattern and I can not wait to cast one for more of these and for your other stuff. I see that headband in my future.

    I will try hard not to stalk you...... but I am seriously entranced :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like them.

    Stalk at will.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great little pattern! I heard about it through Katie ( I like cute little things like this - they would be perfect to make for my kids, niece and nephew.

  4. Carissa:
    I loved the way the mini stockings look! I am an amateur knitter but will give it a try because I love it so much. Is it ok to use two needle or do I need to do circular needle? I can do the cuff and leg with no problem but not sure how to redistribute when it comes to heels or toes... 18 stitches for cuff/leg then I am to make it into 9 stitches for heel and toes? HOw do you tie a second color? Just tie to the nearest stitch? Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work you do!

  5. You could make them on two needles, but you'd need to add a seam stitch to each end (so cast on 20 instead) and sew them up when you finish knitting. Or you could use a long circular and do the magic loop method in the round without the extra sts.

    For the heel, you'll just be working back and forth on 9 sts while the other half of the sts just sit there on the needle; just turn around when the pattern tells you to, even if you're in the middle of a round.

    Joining a new color is simple: just pick up the new color and start knitting with it. You can tie it to the first color if you want, but a knot isn't necessary if you weave in the ends afterward.

    Hope that helps!

  6. You are my hero! What a fantastic idea!

  7. Please forgive my noviceness, but yo-b BEFORE purling on the heel? How? THANKS!

  8. Here is a series of pictures to demonstrate the same short-row method I've used for the mini-stockings. And here is a youtube video. Hope that helps!

  9. Kerrin, sorry I accidentally hit 'delete' instead of 'publish' on your comment. You had asked how to form the loop to hang the stocking. I simply made a loop with the cast-on tail before weaving it in. Or you could attach a piece of ribbon, maybe. Whatever you like really.

  10. the mini holiday stockings pattern you have is gorgeous , you should make a youtube video for us to follow along then all questions would be answered it . going to try them cant wait to get started but i am new to knitting also so wish me luck . thanks for the free pattern

  11. Who wouldn't prefer a cute little stocking filled with candy to a boring ...

  12. Stitch counts for every row, especially for the heel, would be very helpful.

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