Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have a confession to make. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. Sometimes I get myself in way too deep. Sometimes I am far too ambitious in my sewing endeavors, particularly my time allotments.

My next blazer refashion was going to be this pale pink and chocolate brown herringbone tweed number. Originally, I planned to swap out the sleeves for some leather ones, add leather details on the collar and pocket flaps maybe, and call it a day. All week, I'd been surfing Pinterest, pinning tweed-leather-combo jackets. All of them were lovely, and most of them had a boxy Chanel-ish vibe going on. That's all well and good, but my refashionable blazer had lots of darts for shaping and a slightly flared pseudo peplum - not at all the right shape to do a Chanel copycat.

Tweed Peplum Skirt RefashionTweed Peplum Skirt Refashion

Then, Saturday morning, I had an epiphany: who says a blazer has to be a blazer? Why not a skirt? Tweed skirts are cute and classic, and I could work in that peplum. And then my tweed skirt would have pockets too, and if you haven't caught on by now, I loves me some skirts and dresses with pockets. "A skirt it shall be!", I proclaimed (but not aloud because that would be weird).

Tweed Peplum Skirt Refashion

This is where that confession comes into play. I could totally disassemble a blazer and reconstruct it into a skirt in two days, right? With a friend coming over for dinner Saturday night and us going over to another friend's house Sunday afternoon for a card game? Technically, yes, I did. I finished hand-sewing on the last hook-n-eye about an hour ago. Of course, that means it was nowhere near daylight out for decent pictures. So for now, I will leave it to your imagination. Can you picture the above blazer as a skirt? I'll have finished photos up soon so you can see compare your vision to mine.


  1. I so admire you refashionista's, because my mind boggles at the thought of a blazer being made into a skirt! I have to start with a flat piece of fabric, preferably plenty so I have room to move while making. Looking forward to seeing the final garment though!

    1. Thanks, Juliet! I hope not to disappoint.

  2. Okay, I've got a picture in my head. Probably not what you're making, because you always surprise, but we'll see!

    And ... it's weird to talk out loud to yourself? But how do you keep yourself on track otherwise? :)

    1. Oh, I talk to myself all the time, but I try to stay away from proclamations. Anywho, I posted the final product last night. Let me know how it stacks up to your vision.