Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I found this lovely fuchsia dress at the thrift store recently for just $3, and in my size even! Hey, sometimes you get lucky.

Pretty in Pink -  Before

It wasn't perfect though. The sleeves were too tight, and one cuff had come undone at the seam. There was also a small hole on one hip where the side seam had blown out. And somewhere along its timeline, this dress had lost its matching belt. Well, presumably there was originally a matching belt. At least I've never seen a dress with belt loops that didn't come with a belt. But anyway, these are all easy fixes, so away we go!

Pretty in Pink -  Before

Step 1: Flip dress inside out and resew holey side seam.

Pretty in Pink - Before

Step 2: Employ trusty seam ripper to remove snug sleeves.

Pretty in Pink - In Progress

Step 3: Rehem raw edge.

Pretty in Pink - In Progress

Step 4: Pair with fabulous studded, silver leather belt (also a thrift store find for... $2 if I remember correctly)

Pretty in Pink - AfterPretty in Pink - After

Sometimes you just need instant gratification.

Pretty in Pink Before & After