Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simple Solutions

In the midst of packing and moving, I had to take a break to maintain sanity. I spent one lovely Saturday sewing up some of my old larger tops and tees into more fitted pieces. These two items were among them. I still liked the idea of these shirts; they just didn't fit anymore!

Orange Tank Top - Before

The easiest fix? Take in the sides! I flipped it inside out and pinned up the sides.

Orange Tank Top - In Progress

And then I chopped off the extra fabric.

Orange Tank Top - In Progress

Yeah, it just that easy!

Orange Tank Top - After

Wanna see it again? OK, sure. Take one too-big shirt...

Purple Tee - Before

Flip it inside out and sew up the sides and sleeves, if applicable...

Purple Tee - In Progress

Trim the excess (you'll also note that, whenever possible, I salvage and reattach the laundering tag, just in case).

Purple Tee - In Progress

And you're done!

Purple Tee - After

I did this to several more tees on that therapeutic Saturday, but seeing as how all the before and afters would be essentially the same, I won't bore you. Suffice to say, I regained a good chunk of last summer's wardrobe in the span of a few hours.


  1. Hi! so did you use a strait stich? or zig zag? did you finish up yhe seams?

  2. Just a straight stitch and no finishing since jersey fabric doesn't really fray. That's why this was so simple!

  3. Thank you for sharing on the Refashion Co-op.
    Such a great and easy way to make some loved blouses and tops wearable and flattering again. :-)

    xx Eddie

  4. I've always wanted to try this but didn't really know exactly what to do without a serger. I'm going to try it!! =)

  5. They look great! I have a few t-shirts I need to do this to, but I've always been too lazy to do it! :) Lisa

  6. Gotta love re-cycling some thing from your own closet
    Since ya loved it first time round
    Second time with form-fitting changes
    Win win